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The Only Rejuvenation Treatment You’ll Ever Need

Our last post emphasized 2015 is the year of “the neck”; and for good reason!  With inevitable aging comes the loss of skin’s elasticity.  Sagging jowls, what we fondly refer to as “turkey neck”, can appear due to the accrual of fat deposits in the neck area.  The neck is an integral component in skin rejuvenation and is an integral component in creating an aesthetically pleasing and balanced and youthful look.

Thermage, has been the go to non-surgical procedure of choice, for tightening and contouring the skin of the face and body.  Thermage works via mono-polar radio frequency device.  This device applies heat at a certain temperature to the outer layer of skin, ultimately penetrating to the deeper layers of skin and tissue.  When heat reaches the deeper layers of skin existing collagen is stimulated and new collage production is promoted.  Unfortunately, patient discomfort has been a major issue with Thermage, as heat is applied externally to reach beneath the skin’s surface.

Dr. Victor is the foremost expert in providing the latest in anti-aging treatments. Which is why ReGen Medical PC is proud to offer ThermiTight– a multi-faceted treatment yielding an effective alternative to a face lift or other similar costly surgical cosmetic procedures.

ThermiTight is the first aesthetic treatment that reverses the effects of aging by delivering precision, controlled thermal energy beneath the skin. It is a revolutionary treatment for rejuvenating that provides immediate results.  These results continue to improve over time and last for years. 

ThermiTight Results for Anti-Aging

After receiving a local anesthetic a tiny radio frequency probe delivers controlled heat to to select areas, causing the skin’s tissue to heat, tighten and contract and stimulate new collagen growth.  Altogether, reducing skin sagging and smoothing texture providing a three dimensional improvement in skin elasticity. 

Additionally, ThermiTight allows for body contouring, as Dr. Victor can selectively target fat pockets in the neck, tummy, upper back (bra fat), arms and thighs.  Delivering heat in an effective and controlled manner, causing fat tissue to melt and skin to tighten.  The dissolved fat is broken down by the body and removed through the lymphatic system and excreted through urine.

*Images of ThermiTight results courtesy of ThermiRF

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