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Excessive Sweating

Experiencing excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, is a problem that affects millions of people. It can be embarassing and intrusive in our lives, and can be very uncomfortable. While treatment with Botox is possible, this method requires multiple injections and can be quite painful and expensive.

Luckily, new technology has been developed that allows for a long lasting treatment, without the use of neurotoxins. We now offer ThermiDry™ radio frequency (RF) treatments to cease excessive sweating.


ThermiDry™ for Hyperhidrosis

ThermiDry™ uses thermal energy to create a safe, effective and long term solution for excessive sweating. ThermiDry™ RF is a microinvasive procedure that disables the subdermal sweat glands.


The Process

  • The physician locates the axillary sweat glands
  • Local anesthetic is applied
  • The ThermiRF SmartTip Probe is injected and heat is applied to the glands for about 1 minute
  • The process takes a total of about one hour