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Skin Evaluations

Every person’s skin is unique to them, and so to achieve the best results in any dermatological treatment or procedure, an evaluation of your skin–whether you’re a new or returning patient–must be done to customize the treatment plan to your specific objectives, desires and concerns. Our dermatology practice specializes in a variety of treatments and procedures ranging from laser skin treatments, to acne treatments, to Botox and fillers, all of which require this crucial first step to achieve fantastic results.

The Process

  • Dr. Victor will evaluate and discuss the details of your skin and your specific concerns with you during an initial consultation
  • One or more services will be recommended to best accomplish your goals and achieve the best possible results
  • Following the evaluation, the patient may choose to have their treatment(s) immediately or schedule an appointment for a later date


Contact us today to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Victor and get on the path to better looking skin.