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Cellulite Correction

Cellulite is a very common skin concern, affecting nearly 8 out of 10 women over the age of 20, that presents as areas of dimpled skin around the thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen. It can also affect some men, though women more commonly develop cellulite because of the way fat is distributed in the lower half of the body.

Cellulite can develop as due to stress, weight gain and the loss of skin elasticity as a result of aging. These areas are often described as bumpy, dimpled skin that resembles cottage cheese, and are actually caused by an uneven accumulation of fat deposits under the skin. While it is not a medical concern, many people find the appearance of cellulite to be bothersome. Fortunately, there are treatments available that can help reduce the appearance of cellulite and restore skin that is smooth and beautiful.

While treatments like over-the-counter topical products, light therapy procedures and massage do exist, the majority of them offer disappointing results. After years of research, Dr. Victor has created a minimally invasive treatment therapy directed at breaking up the fibrous bands of cellulite and delivering much more dramatic results to his patients and in less time. This innovative technique uses a laser liposuction device that both removes fat from targeted areas of the body and effectively diminishes the dimples and bumps of cellulite, leaving the skin tighter, smoother and more defined.

The Process

  • Local anesthetic is used to numb the target area
  • Dr. Victor uses his unique laser technique using Laser Liposuction on targeted area
  • The patient is able to leave the office with a friend to accompany them
  • Downtime is little to none – usually only one day