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About the Science

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells within the body, meaning they have the ability to transform–or differentiate–into any other tissue, such as muscle, skin or even nerves. These cells act as a natural repair system within the body, replenishing damaged tissues and allowing the body to heal itself.

SVF cellular therapy contains a specific type of stem cells, called stromal vascular fraction cells, to repair damaged tissue by transplanting these cells, helping to accelerate cell regeneration and healing. This type of therapy has revolutionized the science of cosmetic restoration, disease treatment, regenerative medicine and, ultimately, overall wellness. Stem cells have the ability to repair and regenerate any type of body tissue, they can be useful in a variety of treatments. Additionally, stem cells possess a unique anti-aging effect, repairing and regenerating cells damaged by age, stress and daily toxins.

Cutting Edge Technology

This patented, proprietary technology has substantially refined the process by which usable SVF cells can be obtained. Rather than using less effective methods, such as enzymes that destroy many of the viable SVF cells, Dr. Victor’s patent utilizes ultrasonic cavitation. This is a safe means of harnessing sound waves to separate SVF cells from the blood vessels in the lipoaspirate, or fat tissue, to obtain the reparative SVF cells. Through our partnership with IntelliCell® Biosciences, our process yields hundreds of millions of viable SVF cells from just 60ml of lipoaspirate.


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The ReGen Difference - A Better Process with Safer Results.

The stem cells used in the process are autologous, meaning that they are your own cells. This process harnesses the regenerative power of your own body, and drastically reduces risks for allergic reaction and graft rejection–potential problems that can arise from using cells donated from different people. There is minimal manipulation to the cells, and we do not use any growth serum or enzymatic agents, such as bovine serum or collagenase, in the process. Additionally, because of our innovative, minimally invasive process, procedures can take as little as 2 hours and require only minimal downtime.